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Wastewater treatment 

plants KFO

Sustainable  ​​
water management
without losses  


KFO is a modern technology 

of high intense biological treatment of wastewater,

sludge and organic waste


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Scopes of application

  • Erection of new sewage treatment plants in cities and villages
  • Modernization of existing sewage treatment plants
  • industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Sludge treatment at sewage treatment plants
  • Reclamation of old sludge storages
  • Future applications: treatment of livestock/ poultry farming waste and chemical industry waste

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Technology principles

High effectiveness of waste treatment by the KFO technology

is resulted by combination of a few key principles



Cavitation impact
for mechanical destruction of large
organic parts, microbes and metazoa

Supreme high saturation by Oxygen
up to 15…20 mg/L rate,
in order to stimulate of active sludge

Multiple circulation in reactors
with vertical closed design

in order to reach high treatment rate, 
eliminate atmosphere emission and smell

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  • Treatment of high contaminated wastewater till the rate suitable for discharge to fish farming ponds, without additional treatment stages or biological ponds
  • Increase of treatment capacity without erection of new buildings
  • Complete elimination of putrid smell and harmful atmosphere emission
  • Shortage of safe zone to 20-50 m
  • Operation without chemicals (complete biological denitrification and dephosphotation)
  • Reduction of area footprint in 10-30 times


  • Treatment of all kinds of waste - raw sludge, excess active sludge, digested sludge, manure and guano 
  • Complete disinfection of sludge with apparatus treatment only
  • High rate of sludge stabilization (80-100%)
  • High quality of sludge water and centrate
  • Adjustment of sludge production
  • Availability of natural drying of sludge (without mechanical dewatering)
  • Elimination or shortage of sludge squares
  • Application of sludge as an organic fertilizer

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Financial effectiveness

  reduction of
capital expenditures *
reduction of
operation expenditures
   Wastewater treatment (new KFO treatment plants) at 10…20% and more at 20% and more
   Modernization of existing treatment plants -- at 5% and more
   Sludge treatment after anaerobic digestion at 30...50% at 30% and more
   Sludge treatment instead anaerobic digestion in 2-3 times at 30% and more

* Typical expenditures reduction rate are shown, based on engineering simulation and experience with existing plants. Actual reduction of the capital and operation expenditures (CAPEX / OPEX) at an exact plant depends on set of applied technical solutions


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Layout and architecture design

Layout of wastewater treatment plant
at open space

Layout of wastewater treatment plant
in a hangar type building

Layout of wastewater treatment plant
in a common concrete building


Erection of the Wastewater treatment plant at Nurafshan city (4 000 cub. m per day)

Tashkent region, Uzbekistan (2022)


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Conti Chemical Company SIA is the strategic partner of company Ekotor 

for construction and maintenance of the KFO wastewater treatment plants


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